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Our body organs play important roles in eliminating toxins from our body through the natural process. Cleansing of the toxins is undertaken by organs like liver, lungs, kidneys and the digestive tract. In the process, the toxins that are water-soluble are eliminated with ease through urine, sweat and stool. But the case with fat-soluble compounds is different as they would require enzyme produced by the liver to break them down so they become soluble in water and washed away via intestine and kidneys.

When the natural detoxification will become ineffective?

Overloading by toxins in your body or lack of nutritional foods intake will prevent the body from obtaining the energy to detoxify. Nutrition deprived, toxin overloaded body will not be strong enough to stimulate the transformation process that will breakdown fat-soluble compounds. This could become a big problem over time.

How whole body detox works and how it can help in the above situations?

The program is designed to stimulate the concerned organs so they become effective in eliminating toxins from your body. Undergoing the program will decrease the toxin load in your body thus allowing it to concentrate more on cleansing the body and reducing weight. The body will benefit inside and out by undertaking the detox program and will help our vital organs involved in the detoxification process with renewed energy.

How the program helps our vital organs in the process of detoxification

Liver functions

  • Comprehensive filtering of toxins
  • Helps the organ to metabolize carbohydrates, fat and protein
  • Assist in transforming harmful toxins in to harmless agents

Kidney functions

  • Filters excess fluid and wastes from the blood
  • Controls and regulates the release of sodium, potassium, and phosphorous for the proper functioning of the body

Large Intestine

  • Forms waste by absorbing electrolytes and water and eject it from the body
  • For a barrier for blocking toxins coming from the rest of the body

Small Intestine

  • Digesting food and sending nutrients to the blood so it is carried to the liver
  • Maintains gastrointestinal health by producing antibodies
  • Provides extra nutritional support to the body by containing bacterium responsible for producing vitamins and fatty acids.

How does the whole body detox program help achieve the above goals?

This comprehensive detox program for your whole body is designed to run for 21 days and it involves eating totally organic food items, and whole and unprocessed foods. If you are enrolled into the program you will be given complete guidance by Dr. Nhi Le on what to eat and how to conduct yourself during the entire period. You will be advised to take whole foods along with professional grade supplements that are specified to your body condition. You will be consuming lots of water and Dr. Le will customize the detox program according to your requirements, your health condition, blood type and the lifestyle you are accustomed to. If you wish to join the program contact Texas Medical Wellness Clinic. After you have completed the program you will find out what good feeling is and will continue to eat healthy and lead a toxin-free life.